Principal Wan Jian Visited Banqiao Campus and Conducted A Research on the "Yu Xin" Ship

Publisher:英文站Release Time:2023-04-25Number Of Visits:10

On the afternoon of April 10th, Principal Wan Jian went to the Banqiao campus and conducted the research on the internship ship named Yuxin. Vice Principal Tian Naiqing participated in the activity together with the Director of the Banqiao Campus Management Committee Office, Zhang Haifeng.

On Banqiao Campus, Wan Jian inquired in details about the campus construction plan, the related equipment and the follow-up work plan. After the visit, some specific requirements were put forward for coordination work with the local government, accelerating construction progress, and preparing students to move in for training.

On the Yuxin ship, Wan Jian listened to the introduction of ship internship training and safety management and had exchanges with the captain, chief engineer, and relevant staff in the conference room. They discussed and exchanged ideas on promoting project-based teaching reform and crew training, collaborating with crew enterprises and schools, introducing relevant talent policies and cultivating marine talents.